"Fantastic what Swiss guitarist Peter Eigenmann and Boston trumpeter Ken Cervenka have to offer with this album. The ensemble plays 3 pieces by Carlo Schöb and 4 by the fantastic composer Trudi Strebi and by listening you can`t stop being delighted. Gemennina is the crown of the fiesta, after a short bass- and guitar-solo the piece is pure poetic.
The sum of this group: a cultivated, high sensitive, extremly tastful and unexpected fascinating....and we did not even talk about Eigenmanns heavenly comping and soloing.... "

Jazzpodium April 2014

"Guitarist Peter Eigenmann and trumpeter Ken Cervenka are heard prominent, but the bandleader is Trudi Strebi. She also wrote most of the compositions. Warm colors, clarinets (saxophones), flutes, muted trombone...
Eigenmann, one of the best guitarplayers in Europe and a fantastic Ken Cervenka are the main soloists in this ensemble. Kens flugelhorn-solo in Schöbs composition „Nama“ is something for gourmets. "

Jazz-Thing April 2014

"P.E. has mastered the art of the Trio with his rare talent. The radiant sound of his playing, phrasing, time-feel paired with great finger dexterity and harmonic clarity make this Trio, with Ingmar Heller on bass and Peter Schmidlin on drums, something very exceptional."

Jazz One More Time June 2011

"P.E. is an excellent guitarist and one who I would enjoy playing with more often."

Ken Cervenka, trp/flh
Professor Berklee College Of Music

"The guitarist Peter Eigenmann has mastered the art of the Trio with rare skill. The radiant sound of his playing calls back to the days of guitar greats like Pat Martino or Jim Hall. Intimate pieces like „Mundy’s Mood“, „No Way Out“, or „Funny Valentine“ exchange with furious up-tempos. Ingmar Heller on bass and Peter Schmidlin make the ideal partners in this great adventure."

Jazz’N’More June 2011

"Harmony and melody intertwine in a very tasteful manner in the original compositions of which take them to new heights. Leaving behind exsessive dynamic buildup for a discreet, swinging version of „Pula“, dark and contemplative in „Caprice“ and „My Funny Valentine“ simply purifying. Eigenmann’s understated control, and sparse melodic approach enhance his musical achievements."

Jazz Thing Germany 2010

"Without a doubt, P. E. belongs amongst the most important European guitarists of our day. HIs Trio with Ingmar Heller,Bass and Peter Schmidlin on drums provide a perfect backgroung for this intimate leader. His playing is laid-back , without any excess baggage – just pure swing. Empathy, creative compositions, improvisation and harmonic taste are in the foreground. The music establishes it’s own tempo and possesses an unmistakable charm."

Jazzpodium Germany 2011

"Swiss Guitarist P.E. performed with me in Cambridge, Ma. at the MIT-Hotel during the spring of 1999. Peter is a very fine, world-class guitarist an I enjoyed our work together very much. His technique reminds me of the melodic and rhythmic possibilities in the music of Jim Hall. Peter plays and listens in a great manner - he is one of the best among european guitarists today and he felt right at home with an "American" rhythm-section. When I was on tour, Peter also substituted for me and my group reported that they loved his sensitivity and musicality."

Garrison Fewell, Guitarist
Professor Berklee College Of Music, Boston

"Guitarist Peter Eigenman is what you could call a Swiss answer to Austrian guitar great Karl Ratzer. His elegant, sophisticated playing is of the same effortlessness, while at the same time, Eigenmann distinguishes himself through his cool, relaxed and wonderfully swinging sound. "The musicians are convinced in their work and display an "object lesson" about the significance of the interaction in jazz." I completely agree with that: Brilliant!"

Jazz International

"Eigenmann is a Swiss post-bop guitarist and he's really very good, and what might be called his general competence is improved at least a couple of notches by an evident appreciation of the great Jim Hall. This means that, at his best, he goes for the meaningful notes and ignores the others."

Jazzwise USA

"What a fine guitarist he is. How independently he plays his instrument, how effortlessly he swings, how elegantly and skillfully he traces the melodies and harmonies of his 10 tunes. Here, you won't find sound experiments and technique tricks. Everything is played genuine; the guitarist, accompanied by the wonderful support of bass player Isla Eckinger and Peter Schmidlin on drums."
Kulturmagazin Saiten

"Peter Eigenmann confesses himself to the straight-forward, elegant guitar tradition with emphasis on a melody driven, fluidly played instrument. He convinces with a solid technique, coherent feel for the melody and a subtle understanding of harmonics. There's nothing left to say about the qualities of his fellow musicians Isla Eckinger on bass and Peter Schmidlin on drums - as always, they're playing is great."
Jazz Podium

"Peter Eigenmann is a guitar player from Switzerland who's able to handle the Jazz repertoire in a fresh and straightforward way. No flashy highspeed licks, but feel, finesse and swing are what distinguish him and his playing. Effortlessly and with ease, Eigenmann, Isla Eckinger on bass and Peter Schmidlin on drums move through the repertoire (also Ratzer's "Jazztune"). The Peter Eigenmann Trio is so skillful to be able to do that - unobtrusive, but never tedious."
Jazz Time Austria

The presentation of this trio is coherent, musically and rhythmically flawless and, inspite of intricate harmonical textures, accessible and very interesting to listen to. In short, this is as far as the format can possibly go without stretching out too far into a free concept, And, not to be forgotten: No sound experiments, familiar licks or rhythmical extravaganzas - just great, straight ahead and exquisitely well played jazz by a true jazz musician, disclosing an extraordinary mastery of his instrument: The Guitar."
Kurt S. Weil

"In fact, Peter Eigenmann, like many other prominent fellow guitarists, is influenced by the "Godfather" of the modern jazz guitar, Jim Hall. And the admirably dense interplay of Eigenmann, Eckinger and Schmidlin inevitably reminds of Hall's great trio work. Nevertheless: Peter Eigenmann is, as he proves with his new CD, much more than a talented copyist - he's developed his own musical language which he convincingly showcases in the wonderfully relaxed ballads as well as in the swinging up-tempo tunes. Great job, guys!"
Swiss Jazz Magazine